Partnership Programs

byteCares is always looking for corporate and philanthropic partners. Our goal is to improve 10K smiles by 2022, and we cannot get there alone.

Studies have shown that more than 35% of low-income adults avoid smiling due to embarrassment over the condition of their mouth. An astounding 59% of adults report forgoing dental care due to cost. The worst part about these statistics is that not smiling can actually impact happiness and overall mental health. When we smile, a chemical reaction happens in the brain that releases dopamine and serotonin, both hormones that increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress. By helping people to feel more confident in their smiles, we are actually increasing happiness and improving people’s lives.

If your organization would like to get involved in our efforts to build confidence on smile at a time, please reach out to us via the information listed on our contact page. We are looking for partnerships at any and every level, so please do not hesitate to get involved.

“I feel like I have a responsibility to help people who can not afford traditional dental care,” said Dr. Marashi,

“I hope that other people out there will also hear the call.”

At byte Cares, we believe that strategic partnerships with other businesses and philanthropic leaders will lead to faster, more impactful success. Get involved now and help us reach our goal of 10K smiles by 2022.