Learning Lab Ventures’ mission is to disrupt generational poverty via intensive after-school education and enrichment programming. They aim to enable high-achieving underrepresented students to graduate from top colleges equipped with the degree, skills and experience they need to excel in the workforce and beyond.

All of the children and their families Learning Lab Ventures serve live well below the Federal Poverty Level, with an Annual Income of $24,339 for a family of four.

Each winter for the past two years, Leaning Lab Ventures has hosted an annual Winter Gala in order to raise funds for the vulnerable children living in some of Los Angeles’ most challenged communities. The 2019 Annual Gala hosted more than 300 influential philanthropists, artists, investors, celebrities, and executives who all came together to help support the incredible work that Leaning Lab Ventures does every day.

At the event, Learning Lab Ventures founder, Rochelle Gores Fredston, asked “How can we break generational poverty? Well, UCLA did a study that showed when someone has a college education, it increases his or her income by 56 percent; that increase means that a person goes from poverty to middle class. And there you go, the cycle is broken. That is what we are doing here.”

Dozens of Hollywood A-listers attended the event in order to support the communities they live in and around. The attendees included Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Zoe, among others.

More than $1 million was raised during the evening, and Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers were presented with the NextGen Philanthropic Leaders award.