Big Brother, Big Sister

byteCares recently launched a partnership with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and kicked it off with a donation to show support. They share the belief that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life and reach their full potential.  byteCares will be working with the Big Brothers and Sisters to identify their littles who are in need of a brighter smile and help them build confidence for a stronger tomorrow.


Featuring: Sloane Keane,CEO of the Orange County and Inland Empire programs
Q: What made you want to try byte and bring them on as a partner for BBBS?

A: I can really identify with the byte mission: “We believe in never settling.” While that may be the byte mantra, it is also mine, both personally and professionally. The idea that there are always opportunities to develop, learn and exceed aligns so closely with the growth mindset we encourage all of the youth in our program to embrace, which makes byte a fantastic partner for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Q: How do you think new smiles will impact the future of the little brothers and sisters?

A: Everyone deserves to smile. But for the thousands of youth we support, the journey of life can be an uphill battle when faced with challenges like housing instability, parental incarceration, abuse and neglect. For these kids who are born with the potential to succeed, the addition of a mentor who can provide access to educational paths and healthy living can unlock a whole world of possibilities. They realize a brighter future that truly gives them a reason to smile. Because of our mentors and partners like byte, this potential ignited creates positive change not only for the youth in our program, but for their families and future generations